In Phoenix, water damage might not seem like a common problem because of our dry, desert climate.

As temperatures rise, however, so do Phoenix water damage repair requests. The demand we desert dwellers place on water sources throughout our properties (hoses, refrigerator water lines, a/c units, etc.) grows along with the Phoenix heat, and issues arise more frequently with more use. Depending on the severity of the leak and the elapsed time to get a certified professional to the site, the time and cost involved in restoring your property grow by the hour. Calling First Choice Restoration at the first sign of a leak will greatly reduce both.

This home in Scottsdale suffered pretty heavy water damage and were there to help begin the water damage restoration process. Take a peek inside the home as the process is being completed.

Water damage can affect flooring, walls, ceilings, insulation, fixtures, upholstery, drapes, furniture, and belongings, and each one of these requires different methods for extraction, remediation, and repair. Through IICRC training and certification, our restoration team has learned and put into practice the most diligent methods for preparing your property for its life after water damage. Using the most current methods and products for treating water damage will prevent the need for secondary repair, due to mold or other fungi that can develop if bacteria held by the water have opportunities to grow. In this Phoenix climate, heat, water, and an organic food source are mold growth requirements that are easy to achieve. Read more on mold, and its mitigation process here.

By calling First Choice Restoration first we can:

  • stop the loss of water by shutting off the source, or tarp off the roof in a storm damage situation
  • arrange a quality plumber to quickly come to fix the source of the leak (if necessary)
  • work directly with your insurance carrier to file claims and help you manage the many other people involved in an insurance loss (if appropriate)
  • develop a restoration plan with an agreed-upon scope of work (important to your insurance company), that restores your home or business back to before the loss – or even better!
  • give you peace of mind that the health of those around you will not be affected by mold after the water removal.

As an emergency water restoration company, First Choice Restoration can stop the source of water (if applicable) and begin the restoration process immediately. We work directly with your insurance company to complete the repairs and will protect the areas of your home that were not affected by the water damage, so that bacteria, fungi, and construction debris doesn’t travel into them.

Call us at (480) 981-1131 24 hours a day for Phoenix water damage emergencies.