Rebuilding After a Fire in Phoenix

The First Choice Restoration Team has been hard at work in Phoenix rebuilding a property after an electrical fire began in the kitchen and spread throughout the home. Because First Choice is one of a select few companies that are part of the Phoenix Fire Department Board Up Program, we were asked to secure the property immediately after the fire, and take on the fire damage restoration. We worked with their insurance company directly to begin the claims process and begin restoring their home. Thankfully, the home’s occupants were able to escape unharmed from this fire.

Take a walk with Aaron and see inside the home’s destruction before the demolition:

We work fast to:

  1. Recover, clean and restore furnishings, electronics, photographs, clothing, and valuables.
  2. Remove standing water and dehumidify the building.
  3. Get rid of smoke and soot.
  4. Clean and purify carpeting, drapes, floors, windows, walls, ceilings and air ducts.
  5. Rebuild areas of unrecoverable damage.
  6. Paint or otherwise finish surfaces to blend in with adjacent undamaged surfaces.

This Phoenix home has block exterior, and the restoration process involved removing almost all of the structure down to the block walls. A thorough cleaning and an applied smoke shield will prevent odors that smoke and fire leaves behind from lingering. Our technicians are IICRC certified, and trained to properly clean and remove different types of smoke from all different materials and surfaces. As Aaron explains in the video below, the fire damage debris has been removed, and the property is being prepared for trusses.

A few days later, the trusses arrived to the Phoenix home.

In the video below from our team member Adolfo, new trusses were delivered and craned into place, and then the roofers finished up adding the fascia.

We are honored to be rebuilding this Phoenix home after their fire, and look forward to updating you on its rebuild progress as we move along.

Our local fire restoration experts make sure that every attention to detail is paid, in order to achieve a “better than before” result. We meet with property owners to choose colors, finishes, materials, and hardware to exceed expectations, while working directly with your insurance company in the claims process. For more information, please visit our Fire Restoration page, and screenshot our phone number below in case of an emergency. Our team is available 24/7 for emergencies and we offer free estimates on fire damage restoration and rebuilding services. Call (480) 981-1131.